PDF and Document Search

All Evernote plans allow you to attach PDFs, office docs, and other files to your notes. With Premium or Evernote Business, you can go even further.

Screenshot image, depicting Evernote PDF search capabilities

Find anything, fast

Evernote’s Premium and Business plans let you search for text in PDFs, Office docs, images, presentations, and scanned documents in an instant.
Screenshot image, depicting Evernote PDF search capabilities, including the ability to search images for handwritten text

Look deeper

No matter how basic or granular your search, you can find text buried deep inside PDFs, words in handwritten notes, or details from scanned business cards.

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Advanced search options

Set your search filters to find notes by keywords, dates, or even the location where the note was written. Create shortcuts with frequently used search terms to find what you need faster.
Capture ideas and inspiration from anywhere and manage tasks with ease.